kim crawford

Jim Crawford


Jim is the founder of our firm. It is because of Jim that our firm feels like an extension of family, if not truly family. Jim is always willing to have a chat or tell a story. Jim’s motto was always work hard and play hard. Jim’s constant smile and boisterous laugh filled the office with joy that can still be felt today.

If you need help with IT he was not the guy to see but for everything else he was/is a valuable mentor to everyone that have called CPCM home. In retirement Jim (Jumpin) can be found with his family, spending time with his grandkids or at yoga with Cathy.


  • Elected to Fellowship by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of BC, 2008
  • Chartered Accountant Designation, 1972
  • University of Victoria, BA, Economics 1968

Professional Experience

  • Partner with CPCM & CO. - 1979 to 2014 (retired)
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